Abdullah Quilliam a solicitor from Liverpool, known to be the most influential early converts to Islam in the British Isles appreciates the articles published in the Review of Religions. He republished some of articles published in the Review of Religions magazine and promoted the magazine through advertisement in his newspaper the Crescent. He shared a list with the headquarters in Qadian of individuals interested that would be interested in the Review of Religions.

The Review of Religions served to stimulate the interest of British people in Islam and provided a new perspective about its teachings.  Abdullah Quilliam frequently wrote about the Review of Religions and published the contents of the magazine each month. On the 16th of September 1903 he wrote:

“The August number of the Review of Religions published at Qadian, India, is full of interesting matter. The article refuting charges made by the ignorant Christians with reference to our Holy Prophet is one of the ablest we have ever read upon the subject, and cordially commend it our readers attention”[1]  

[1] The Crescent 16th September 1903