Professor Clement Wragge was a renowned astronomer of his time. In 1908 he visited India as part of his world tour. During his stay in India, Professor Clement Wragge made some landmark discoveries with regards to weather and also delivered various lectures which were applauded widely in India. In May 1908, he stayed in Lahore for a short period of time. There, he gave a lecture which was well attended, especially by many highly placed English people. Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq sahibra a companion of the Promised Messiahas was also present and he met the professor after the lecture. He briefly explained to Professor Clement Wragge the proofs and arguments put forward by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas in support of his claim to be the Promised Messiah of his time. Thereupon, the Professor expressed a desire to meet the Promised Messiahas. The Promised Messiahas graciously granted permission and Professor Clement Wragge visited the Ahmadiyya Buildings twice along with his wife to meet the Messiah of the age. The first meeting took place after Zuhur prayers on Tuesday the 12 May 1908. (Read More)