The Christian Missionaries would send annual letters to the Christian Mission Society. These letters and reports were compiled and published under the Church Missionary Intelligencer in a form of annual reports and were strictly accessible to the mission alone. However, these are now accessible for research purposes.  In one of these letters Rev. Herbert Udny Weibrecht Mission writes:

“Fath Masih has had an encounter today with Mirza Gulam Ahmad, a Mohammedan divine, of Nadian,[3] near this. Gulam Ahmad pretends to be inspired, and to have the gift of prophecy, and he has been trying to draw us for a long time past. Fath Masih remarked that he had just as good inspiration as Mirza Gulam Ahmad, whereupon the latter challenged him to a trial of gifts on Monday next, before a public assembly. Fath Masih is rather distressed at this, because the Mirza is a great man for subterfuges and sophisms. (Read More)

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