The Message of Peace was the last book written by the Promised Messiahas in just two days on May 24, just two days before his demise on May 26, 1908. In this book the Promised Messiahas made a fervent appeal to two great nations of India, namely, Hindus and Muslims. He declared that the teaching of Islam clearly inculcates respect and reverence for each other’s, elders, and leaders and to show respect to their values and religious sensibilities. He made it clear that as Muslims we regard Ram Chanderji and Krishan, as divine saints and the Vedas are from God. The Promised Messiahas made an urgent plea to Hindus to show tolerance and understanding and to extend a hand of friendship to Muslims.

The paper was intended to be read at Lahore on May 31, 1908, however in accordance with the frequent revelations he had been receiving the Promised Messiahas was summoned by his creator. The paper was later read on the 21st June 1908 at the Panjab University Hall Lahore in a gathering of over five thousand men including most of the respectable leaders of Hindu and Muslim society.[5] The paper was later published in a book form and in a world plagued with intolerance for cultural, racial, and religious differences, its message till today serves as a panacea to the ills of the society. Prophetic in foresight and universal in scope, this book lays out a path to the peaceful existence of all humans based on the central theme of worshipping the One God.

The lecture was also reported in the September issue of a British Journal ‘The Review of Reviews’:

After quoting from the paper, it is written “In this practical form the Message of Peace may evoke no response.  But if the Constantinople earthquake provoke sympathetic seismic disturbances in India, the solemn warnings of the “promised Messiah and Mahdi” may have their effect.”[6] (Read More)