Hazrat Maulana Abdul Raheem Nayyar(ra)

Year: 1923 – 1924

Hazrat Maulvi Abdul Raheem Nayyar Sahibra, an esteemed companion of the Promised Messiahas, was born on December 17, 1883, in close proximity to Kapurthala, India. Having successfully completed his matriculation examinations in 1902 from a school in Uttar Pradesh, Nayyar Sahib pursued further education at the prestigious Central Training College in Lahore in 1908.

The introduction to Ahmadiyyat came to Hazrat Maulvi Abdul Raheem Nayyar Sahibra through the guidance of Haji Habib Ur Rahman Sahibra. It was during his 5th or 6th grade that Haji Habib Sahibra imparted knowledge about Ahmadiyyat and provided him with several books to peruse. Nayyar Sahib found solace in his newfound belief, culminating in his formal initiation through Bai’at at the hands of the Promised Messiahas in 1901.

Journey to Sierra Leone

Nayyar Sahibra embarked on a voyage from London to the coastal city of Freetown in Sierra Leone. During his stay in Freetown, Nayyar Sahibra delivered a lecture at a mosque located in Fourah Bay, situated in the eastern part of the city, upon the invitation of the local chief Imam. It is worth noting that although reports indicate that at least six individuals had expressed their affiliation with the Ahmadiyya Movement in Sierra Leone as early as 1916, having been influenced by the distribution of Ahmadiyya literature from neighboring West African nations, no formal conversions were documented following Nayyar Sahib’s visit.

Journey to England

Hazrat Maulvi Abdul Raheem Nayyar Sahibra nurtured a fervent desire to propagate the message of Islam among the British populace. Consequently, he resolved to venture abroad and hone his oratory skills in the English language. In due course, Maulana Nayyar Sahibra embarked on a journey to England in 1923, assuming the responsibilities of the mission from Mubarak Ali Sahib. Diligently observing and analyzing the social, cultural, political, civil, and religious landscape of the country, he wasted no time in initiating his endeavors.

Throughout his sojourn in England, Hazrat Nayyar Sahibra dedicated himself to various undertakings such as delivering public speeches, attending to the guests of the Promised Messiahas, conducting Quran classes, and exhibiting an unwavering devotion to serving the Jama’at.

When Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IIra visited the city of London in 1924 to lay the foundation of the London Mosque, Maulana Abdul Raheem Nayyarra was present and accompanied him on his return to India.

Hazrat Maulvi Abdul Raheem Nayyar Sahibra departed from this mortal world in September 1948, leaving behind a legacy of profound service and commitment.

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