Maulana Sardar Misbah-ud-Din Sahib

Year: August 1922 – November 1924 (Missionary Incharge from September 1922 to February 1923)

Maulana Sardar Misbahuddin Sahib was born in October 1899 and received his early education in his native village. Seeking further academic pursuits, he ventured to Sialkot. Deeply committed to his religious obligations, he sought out a mosque in which to fulfill his prayers, leading him to a mosque where Hazrat Maulvi Faiz Uddinra served as the Imam. Consequently, he found himself consistently in the company of Faiz Uddinra, an association that proved instrumental in both his intellectual and spiritual development, ultimately culminating in his acceptance of the Imam of the era, the Promised Messiahas.

In 1910, Misbahuddin Sahib made his way to Qadian, offering himself for dedicated service to Islam. Fortuitously, he had the opportunity to enter into the pledge of allegiance (bait) under the guidance of the first Khalifa. Subsequently, he gained admission to the prestigious Taleem-ul-Islam High School. Additionally, he availed himself of the chance to participate in Quranic classes conducted by Hazrat Maulana Hakeem Nur Uddin Sahibra. Within the school, a deep camaraderie developed with Mian Abdul Hai, the son of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Al-Awwalra, gradually blossoming into a profound bond. Consequently, frequent visits to the residence of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Al-Awwalra became a regular and integral part of his daily routine. Huzoorra and Hazrat Aman janra bestowed such compassion upon him that they graciously regarded him as their own son, bestowing upon him the honor that comes with such a title.

The Departure of Hazrat Misbahuddin Sahibra to England

On August 14, 1922, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Al-Thanira, the promised successor, dispatched the esteemed Sardar Misbahuddin Sahib from Qadian to fulfill a role in the London Mission. During that period, Mubarak Ali Sahib Bengali served as the Imam of Masjid Fazl. Accompanied by the official appointment letter penned by Hazrat Mirza Bashir Uddin Mahmood Ahmadra himself, Misbahuddin Sahib embarked on his journey to London. The appointment letter also instructed Mubarak Ali Sahib to proceed to Germany. Consequently, this marked his initial appointment for religious service, placing him in charge of the London Mission.

Invitation to Ahmadiyyat Extended to the King of Jordan

Hazrat Sardar Misbah Uddin Sahibra reports:

The initiatives taken by the preachers were continued as before. Weekly gatherings were regularly held at the mission house to maintain contact with acquaintances. Since Jamaat’s literature was not readily available at that time, these gatherings served as the most effective means of conveying the message. Instead of relying solely on written materials, personal invitations were emphasized. Tabligh activities also persisted in Hyde Park. Furthermore, efforts were made to seize opportunities for extending invitations to Ahmadiyyat.

One such opportunity arose when King Abdullah Pasha, the ruler of Jordan, visited London. Having read about his visit in the newspapers, I requested a meeting with him, and he graciously accepted and arranged the meeting. At that time, our mission in this country comprised only five individuals. Aziz Din Sahib served as the manager of Sialkot-manufactured sports goods. The second member was Mian Abdul Rahim Sahib Khalid, the son of Hazrat Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan Sahibra, who was a student. The third member was Seth Abdullah Alahuddin Sahib, the son of Sikandarabad, and Ali Muhammad Abdullah Sahib, also a student. The fourth member was Raja Muhammad Ahmad Janjua Sahib. With this five-member delegation, we approached the ruler of Jordan to extend our invitation. The meeting commenced with warm greetings exchanged between us.

During this encounter, preparations were made for an Arabic speech, which included a description of the advent of the Promised Messiahas and the evidence of his truthfulness. Given that Mian Abdul Rahim Khalid Sahib was part of the delegation, he specifically highlighted the signs of the Promised Messiahas that were applicable to His Holiness. Alhamdulillah! The mention of the Promised Messiahas had a profound spiritual impact on the King of Jordan, who expressed his joy. In our conversation with the king, we also discussed the history and breadth of the Ahmadiyya community’s message. On this occasion, we presented the books Ijaz Ahmadi and Al-Istifta, authored by the Promised Messiahas, to the king. Alhamdulillah! We were granted the opportunity to propagate our beliefs to an Arab ruler.

Return of Hazrat Mirza Bashir Uddin Mahmood Ahmad Khalifatul Masih IIra to Qadian

After the momentous ceremony of laying the foundation stone for Masjid Fazl in London, the historic speech delivered at the Wembley conference, and the successful completion of his preaching mission, Huzoorra returned to his homeland. He had instructed Hazrat Maulvi Abdul Rahim Nayyar Sahibra and Sardar Misbahuddin Sahib to accompany him on his journey back to India. Consequently, after serving as a preacher in England for two and a half years, Sardar Sahib returned to Qadian with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IIra.

Respected Sardar Sahib’s Last Moments

On August 1, 1988, Sardar Sahib’s health began to deteriorate. He was admitted to the hospital, but after two days, the hospital recommended his discharge and advised him to be taken home. Nevertheless, his condition continued to worsen after returning home, ultimately leading to his passing away.