Year: 1913-1916 & 1919-1921

Hazrat Chaudhry Fateh Muhammad Sialra was a companion of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, the Promised Messiahas and the first Ahmadi missionary sent to London from India for the purpose of Tabligh, by Hazrat Hakim Maulvi Nuruddinra, Khalifatul Masih Ira.

In 1887, he was born to Chaudhry Nizam Din in Jora Kalan, a small town in the Kasur district of Punjab. In 1899, Hazrat Fateh Muhammad Sialra and his father pledged allegiance to Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, and in 1900, the family migrated to Qadian. In 1910, he received his bachelor’s degree at the Government College University, Lahore. Hazrat Hakim Maulvi Nuruddinra, Khalifatul Masih Ira appealed to the members of the Jama’at that someone should take up the task of spreading the message of Islam in London. Chaudhry Fateh Muhammad Sialra, only 26 years of age at that time, was the first servant of the Promised Messiahas who accepted this call of the Khalifa.

Life in Great Britain

Chaudhry Fateh Sial Sahib travelled to England on 22 June 1913 and arrived the following month. He served twice as a missionary. This was just a year before the first world war. He earned an MA in Arabic from the Aligarh Muslim University.

As soon as he arrived in Great Britain, he started preaching the message of Islam to the people of Britain. The first spot he chose to preach at was Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park by distributing leaflets, and fliers, engaging in conversations with residents and holding interviews with the press. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK celebrated 100 years centenary since Chaudhry Fateh Muhammad Sial Sahibra arrived in the UK in the summer of 2013.

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IIra instructed Hazrat Muhammad Sial Sahib to purchase a property where a Mosque could be built for the Muslim community. In August 1920, he acquired a one-acre site at Southfields which became an active mission house and his main base of operation, but within the space of a few years the Mission House was no longer sufficient and plans for the construction of a Mosque on the site were finalised. The Fazl Mosque (also known as the London Mosque) in London was inaugurated on October 23, 1926.

Chaudhry Sahib was appointed as a missionary in charge in 1913 and he remained in the UK until 1916. He returned in 1919 and served the UK mission for the second time until 1921. Hazrat Chaudhry Fateh Muhammad Sial Sahibra passed away on 28 February 1960.

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