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Mr Charles Francis Sievwright was born into a Catholic family in Melbourne, Australia in 1862.  And later embraced Islam in 1896.[1] For many years he was a member of British Indian Empire League. He travelled to India in 1903 as a representative or Commissioner of the British and Indian Empire League of Australia to present a petition to the Indian National Congress at its National Congress in Madras.[2] In October 1903 Mr Charles Francis met two Ahmadis Mian Mirajudeen Umar Sahib and Hakeem Noor Muhammad Ahmadi Sahib who encouraged him to visit Qadian.[3]

Recalling his visit to Qadian he wrote in the fourth issue of Moslem Sunrise 1922:

This meeting with GHULAM AHMAD in Qadian in the year 1903 was a wonderful proof of the truths of Islam, that words which had been uttered thirteen hundred years ago were then being fulfilled”

This meeting had a great impact on his life and after a long deliberation Mr Charles Francis Sievwright announced his allegiance to the Promised Messiahas in the April edition of the Review of Religions. (Read More)

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