Chaudhry Shareef Ahmad Bajwa Sahib

Year: 1971 – 1972

Chaudhry Sahib was born in 1916, in No. 105 Chuck GB Qazi Wala District Lailpur, Pakistan. His father was a companion of the Pomised Messiah and his name was Chaudhry Ghulam Hassan Bajwa Sahib(RA), and his mother’s name was Respected Amina Begum Sahiba(RA), who was also a Companion of the Promised Messiah(AS). He received his preliminary education in Qadian from Chuck Jhambra, from where he went on to study at The government College of Lahore, and the Lau College.

When the II World War started, he achieved the rank of “Infantry Punjab Regiment”. He was sent to Burma Front to fight against Japan, where he spent his best efforts. He was the first ever Indian officer to be appointed in the Royal Military Police, and within just 4 years of his service, he was able to achieve the rank of ‘Major’. Bajwa Sahib was persuaded that he should gain worldly knowledge, and not only religious knowledge, so he went on to study, and he achieved a BA and an LLB Degree, after which he also achieved a Royal Commission.

In 1944 he was called back to Qadian by Khalifatul Masih II (RA), because the situation in Qadian had reached the point of rioting, therefore Khalifatul Masih II (RA) told him he should leave the army and make a more suitable defensive unit for the protection of Qadian, upon which he left the army, and returned to Qadian. In Qadian he did great work and he saved many people from the dangers of the riots in Qadian. However because of this, his name was written on the list of revolutionaries that was made by the Indian Government, after which a warrant was sent for his arrest. at the time when his second son was born, he very bravely gave the Azan in his son’s ear and with no fear he left for Batala for his court arrest, where in prison, his prayers saved him from the dangers that were posed to his life.

When the movement to Pakistan started, he returned to Pakistan where he settled down in Lailpur, and studied law for upto 10 years, he also held the office of Naib Ameer for Lailpur. In 1950 he became the Claims Commissioner of the district of Lailpur under the governance of General Ayub Khan, and even when conditions worsened and others were taking bribes, he showed steadfastness in his values and did not accept any bribes. He had 7 children and all of them were married on the grounds of closeness to the Jamaat.


Chaudhry Sahib came to England in January of 1971, he was given the opportunity to serve here for one and a half year, he did much work, whether educational, or preaching-wise.

(Al-Fazl 23rd September 2013, Page 5)

Shareef Ahmad Bajwa Sahib kept the doors of the mission house open for everyone, especially for the youngsters, he taught his own and many other children by leading by example. After this he left for America in May 1972, and Respected Bashir Ahmad Rafiq Sahib came and took over the charge from him. Respected Shareef Ahmad Bajwa Sahib passed away in 1982 in Rabwah, and he was buried in Bahishti Maqbarah in Rabwah. May Allah Raise his ranks in Paradise.