Chaudhry Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa Sahib

Year: October 1946 – August 1950

Respected Chaudhry Mushtaq Ahmed Bajwa, born on 30 December 1911 in British India, originated from Talwandi Inayat Khan and was the son of Ghulam Hasan Bajwa Sahib. In 1936, he graduated with a BA and LLB from Government College Lahore, coinciding with the same year as Syed Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, who later became the third Caliph. Throughout the caliphate of Hazrat Musleh Maudra, Maulana Mushtaq Ahmed Bajwa Sahib dedicated his life to the service of the Jamaat.

Initially, due to his frail health and affluent family background, Hazrat Musleh Maudra hesitated to accept his devotion. However, after his father assured the second Caliph of Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa Sahib’s sincere intention to devote his life, the second Caliph granted approval.

In 1946, Respected Chaudhry Mushtaq Ahmed Bajwa Sahib arrived in England, where he played a significant role in organizing the annual Jamaat conference of the United Kingdom in October 1949. This event featured invitations extended to English speakers and witnessed the participation of missionaries from across Europe. Guided by the second Caliph, a Jama’at was subsequently established in Glasgow in 1949, falling under the supervision of the London Mission, where Respected Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa served diligently.

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Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa holds Ahmadiyya Muslim Conference UK in 1948.
Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa holds Ahmadiyya Muslim Conference UK in 1948.

The Friday edition of The Civil & Military Gazette (Lahore) on March 14, 1947, featured a report highlighting the challenge issued by Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa Sahib. The challenge entailed inviting all the churches in the United Kingdom to engage in a public debate focusing on the topic of the death of Jesus.

Imam Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa challenges Christian churches to a debate.
Imam Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa Challenges Christian Churches in the UK to Debate on Jesus’ Death.
Maulana Mushtaq Bajwa Sahib appointed as one of the officers of Putney Literary & Debating Society.
Maulana Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa Sahib was appointed as one of the officers of the Putney Literary & Debating Society.

On Tuesday, February 22, 1949, The Civil & Military Gazette documented a gathering convened by the Society for the Study of Religions in London, wherein Maulana Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa delivered a discourse elucidating upon the nascent Muslim state of Pakistan.

The Civil & Military Gazette Tuesday 22 February 1949 reports about meeting held under society of Islamic studies.

Respected Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa Sahib rendered devoted religious services in England with great diligence before being assigned to Switzerland. Subsequently, he was recalled to Rabwah, Pakistan. Regarded as a pious individual who held a deep reverence for God, Respected Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa Sahib passed away in 1995. Being a devoted follower (Musi), he was laid to rest in the Bahishti Maqbarah cemetery in Rabwah.

During a reflection on his father, Hazrat Chaudhary Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa, Dr. Yahya Hassan Bajwa, his adopted son, shared the following sentiments: “When my father passed away, despite being an adult and no longer reliant on him, I felt immense sadness. In the hospital, my mother encouraged me to recite the Quran while sitting by his bedside. As I began reciting Surah Yasin, I felt a surge of strength that enabled me to confront the pain of losing my beloved father with confidence. This Quranic reference encapsulated the essence of Mushtaq Ahmed’s life, as well as my mother’s.”