Year: October 1946 – August 1950

Respected Chaudhry Mushtaq Ahmed Bajwa was born on 30 December 1911 in British India. His father was Ghulam Hasan Bajwa Sahib, who lived in Talwandi Inayat Khan. Respected Mushtaq Bajwa Sahib graduated from Government College Lahore in 1936 with BA and LLB. He was in the same year as Syed Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad who was later elected as the third Caliph. During the caliphate of Hazrat Musleh MaudRA, Respected Mushtaq Ahmed Bajwa Sahib devoted his life.

In the beginning, Hazrat Musleh MaudRA did not accept his devotion due to his poor health and his family being rich. Afterwards, his father had spoken to the second Caliph and gave his reassurance that his son Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa Sahib is sincere with his intention to devote his life. Upon this, the second Caliph accepted his devotion.

Respected Chaudhary Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa Sahib came to England in 1946. He had the opportunity to hold the first Jalsa Salana of UK where he had invited English speakers. The missionaries of Europe also took part in this Jalsa. In 1949 under the guidance of the second caliph a Jama’at was established in Glasgow which was also under the supervision of the London Mission where respected Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa was serving.

(Al-Fazl, September 23, 2013, page 4)

Respected Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa Sahib had performed religious services in England with a lot of hard work. Then he was appointed in Switzerland. After which he was then recalled to Rabwah, Pakistan.

Respected Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa Sahib was a sincere person who only feared God. He passed away in 1995. He was a Musi and when he had passed away, he was buried in Bahishti Maqbarah in Rabwah.

Dr. Yahya Hassan Bajwa who was the adopted son of Hazrat Chaudhary Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa stated whilst speaking about his father that:

“When my father died, I was very sad. Even though, I was an adult and now I was no burden on my father. My mother asked me to read the Quran while we were sitting by his bed in the hospital. Thus, I started to recite Surah Yasin. This has given me so much strength that I could now face the pain of my beloved father’s death with confidence. This Quranic reference was a summary of the life of Mushtaq Ahmed and my mother.”

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