Year: 1953 – 1960

Hazrat Maulood Ahmad Khan Sahib was born on 7th May 1925 in Delhi. His father’s name was Respected Master Muhammad Hassan Asan SahibRA.  He completed his university studies in Delhi and after his BA he had devoted his life to the Jama’at.  After his devotion he had come to Qadian and even after the partition he remained there. He had the privilege to be the private secretary of the second Caliph.

After completing his graduation at Jamia Ahmadiyya Rabwah in 1951 he was occupied in preaching fervently. He also though Economics in Nusrat Girls High school.

He left for London in September 1953. On arrival he worked with Hazrat Chaudhary Zahoor Ahmad Bajwa Sahib for 2 years until 1955. Afterwards, he took charge in 1955. He mainly preached through giving speeches in colleges and societies. When the second Caliph came to London for his treatment, he stayed at the mission house whilst Hazrat Maulud Ahmad Khan Sahib was serving here. The Jama’at held a grand reception in the honour of the Second Caliph’s arrival at the Gruner Hotel in which the representatives of the city had welcomed his Holiness.

(Al-Fazl, September 23, 2013, page 4)

On 11 February 1955, a delegation from the Ahmadiyya Jama’at in England presented the English translation of the Quran to Prime Minister Ceylon. Hazrat Maulud Ahmad Khan Sahib was part of these delegations. The news of the event was also published in the famous London Newspaper “Daily Telegraph.”

On February 21, 1955, a delegation of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at in the Iranian embassy met the King of Iran (Reza Shah) and he was presented a gift of the Holy Quran in English. Hazrat Maulud Ahmad Khan was also part of these delegations.

He took his leave in 1962 and returned to Pakistan. His wife states that after his demise she built a mosque in Benin in his memory.

Respected Maulud Ahmad Khan Sahib passed away on the 21st February 1992 after being ill for a long period and passed away in London. His funeral prayer was led by the fourth Caliph the following day in London Mosque.

(Akhbar Ahmadiyya Jar Mani, March 1, 1992).

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