Maulood Ahmad Khan Dehlwi Sahib

Year: 1953 – 1960

Hazrat Maulood Ahmad Khan Sahib, born in Delhi on 7th May 1925, was the son of Respected Master Muhammad Hassan Asan Sahibra. Following the completion of his university studies in Delhi, Hazrat Maulood Ahmad Khan Sahib wholeheartedly devoted himself to the Jama’at. This commitment prompted him to move to Qadian, where he exhibited unwavering dedication to his religious pursuits.

Upon graduating from Jamia Ahmadiyya Rabwah in 1951, Hazrat Maulood Ahmad Khan Sahib immersed himself in fervent preaching activities. Additionally, he contributed to the field of education by teaching Economics at Nusrat Girls High School.

In 1951, Hazrat Maulood Ahmad Khan Sahib embarked on a journey to London, where he began working alongside Hazrat Chaudhary Zahoor Ahmad Bajwa Sahib for a period of two years, until 1955. Subsequently, he assumed a leadership role, taking charge of his responsibilities. His primary method of spreading the message of the Jama’at involved delivering speeches in colleges and societies.

During his time in London, when the second Caliph visited the city for medical treatment, Hazrat Maulood Ahmad Khan Sahib had the privilege of serving him at the mission house. The arrival of the second Caliph was greeted with great enthusiasm and reverence by the Jama’at, who organized a grand reception in his honour at the Gruner Hotel. Distinguished representatives from the city warmly welcomed His Holiness during this momentous occasion.

(Al-Fazl, September 23, 2013, page 4)

On 11th February 1955, a delegation from the Ahmadiyya Jama’at in England had the honour of presenting the English translation of the Quran to the Prime Minister of Ceylon. Notably, Hazrat Maulud Ahmad Khan Sahib was among the members of this esteemed delegation. The event garnered attention and was even reported in the renowned London newspaper, “Daily Telegraph.”

Furthermore, on 21st February 1955, a delegation from the Ahmadiyya Jama’at, including Hazrat Maulud Ahmad Khan Sahib, had the privilege of meeting the King of Iran, Reza Shah, at the Iranian embassy. During the encounter, a gift of the Holy Quran in English was presented to the King as a token of respect and reverence. he served as an Imam and Missionary In-charge of the London Mosque from 1953 to 1961.

After completing his dedicated service, Maulud Ahmad Khan Sahib returned to England in 1961 and resided there until his passing in February 1992. In commemoration of his memory, his wife built a mosque in Benin. The funeral prayer for Respected Maulud Ahmad Khan Sahib was led by the fourth Caliph the following day at the London Mosque, paying tribute to his noble life and contributions.

(Akhbar Ahmadiyya Germany, March 1, 1992).